Thanks for Attending getVirtualnow!

Thank you to those who have attended the getVIRTUALnow: Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V Philippine Community Launch.

Hope to see you again in another Microsoft event!

Of course, when talking about virtualization, it’s important to put it into proper perspective. In other words, virtualization benefits are real, and easy to realize in many ways. But as businesses rush to embrace the ‘buzz’ around virtualization it’s important to note that there are some potential pitfalls and problems associated with virtualization that need to be avoided.

The dance to the "DEMO GODS"

we do this every event that wedo. This is to please the gods that watch over our demo. Those gods are the ones that decide if your actual demo would push thru without errors!

So haiiilll tooo the deeeemmooo ggoooddss!!



Me (John) Pres (Jeo) and Mafi (Faelmar) checking the demo

The registration machine!

thanks also for those who have joined PHIWUG during this event. (beside is our membership forms)

On the registration corner

"Worlds greatest software’s are made out of SUGAR and CAFFEINE!"

is Jeo dancing?

Oh the attendees are starting to arrive 😀


My inspiration for the event.


Thanks guys!

Ngiting bagong 13th month pay 😛

Its a full house!

Amy thanks for attending 😛


A view from Microsoft Philippines at 16th floor of 6750.

Merry Christmas!

(Ang Christmas tree at mga Christmas balls ng MS)

No keen, Mafi and I were not debating about what is the better coffee machine on the left or who broke the right one.  But this is one of those times that we are serious about a topic and thanks Falemar for the enlightenment on our MCP testing issues.

The secondshot is back!

With Second Shot, if you do not pass a Microsoft Certification exam on your first try, we’ll let you retake the exam for free.

OMG, and these are the IT heroes of the 21st century 😀

Faelmar, Randy, Me and Keen

What are you watching there ha?

Anlaki ng mga tao sa microsoft noh?

My nye look!

Parang napadaan lang sa Microsoft

We hope we have shared enough for the guests  about Virtualization and we hope that they had a great time as much as we did!

Virtualization Reality

“Virtualization without good management
is more dangerous than not using
virtualization in the first place.”

Tom Bittman, Gartner VP AND Analyst, 9 May, 2007

Inadequate Virtualization Management Dangers:

  • Virtual Server Sprawl
  • Non-Scalable Administration.
  • Patching and Provisioning Nightmare

Centralized, Heterogeneous Management Solution

Maximize Resources :

Centralized virtual machine deployment and management
for Hyper-V, Virtual Server, and VMware ESX servers

Intelligent placement of Virtual Machines

Fast and reliable P2V and V2V conversion

Comprehensive application and service-level
monitoring with Operations Manager

Integrated Performance and Resource Optimization (PRO) of VMs

Increase Agility :

Rapid provisioning of new and virtual machines with templates

Centralized library of infrastructure components

Leverage and extend existing storage infrastructure and clusters

Allow for delegated management and access of VMs

Leverage Skills :

Familiar interface, common foundation

Monitor physical and virtual machines from one console

Fully scriptable using PowerShell

Blurry, Inaantok ata ang kumukuha ng picture 😀 Peace Amy!



thanks PHIWUG for this event.

Till next time!


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