Windows Server 2008 Manageability Feature: Group Policy Preferences: Part 3 Local Groups

Another use of Local Users and Group preference extension to enable us to add a specific domain groups or accounts to the local machine group. for this example I’m going to add all manila employees as administrators of local machines, to do this you must navigate from  the GPMC and to the Group Policy editor, editing the GPO that we need to add the preference, like what we did on my first post. Like the second post, navigate to the Computer Configuration, Preferences Control panel settings and right click Local Users and Groups, choose New – Local Group.


On the Group Action I will chose to update this because we already have built-in administrators on local computers, you can now click the add button and type in the member name or navigate with the ellipsis. I will chose to add this new members to the current group and to apply just click ok twice.



A simple yet powerful extension from Group policy preferences for adding / deleting a domain OU to a local machine group.


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