Are you a PC?

I’m a PC, are you? Time to show it off and have a chance to win a Windows Vista Ultimate Edition and you can also win a Microsoft Life Cam. Sweeettt..

Visit For more details.


Free Certification Exam Prep from Microsoft Learning Community and Evangelism Team

I was searching for a topic for Pauvi about Microsoft certification and  I found this at the MS Learning.

Live Meeting: Certification 101: Getting Started with Microsoft Certification (Worldwide)
Investing in training and certification can help make you more valuable in today’s economic climate. Join the Microsoft Certified Professional team for a Live Meeting to learn about the value, benefits, and process of getting certified: choosing a certification path, preparing for your first exam, taking an exam, and what to expect after that. Register for one of the following Live Meetings:

March 10:  Certification 101: Getting Started with Microsoft Certification

And mark your calendars for these Microsoft Certification exam coaching sessions:

March 17:  Microsoft Certification Coaching Session: Preparing for your Configuring Microsoft Windows Vista Client Exam (70-620)

March 24:  Microsoft Certification Coaching Session:  Preparing for your Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Implementation and Maintenance Exam (70-432)

March 25:

Go check this out with me, I’m trying to register now 😀

Windows 7: Multithread File Copy using Robocopy utility


Windows 7 has included a neat utility called robocopy. If I remember correctly this was a utility back in Windows Server 2003. This is an advanced copy paste tool 🙂 (lack of term hehe) where you can define options such as copy everything but not empty subdirectories, cool huh?



But wait, there’s more! in Windows 7, you can copy your files in multi thread! just add the /MT switch and define the number of threads and instant multi threading copy!


So to do that, the command syntax is “ROBOCOPY <Directory that will be copied> <New Directory> /MT:<Integer number of threads to use>” just for kicks I used 120 its the maximum thread that we can give and there! instant copy!



I started to copy 8:46:17 and the command ended 8:46:28. The whole directory is 230.31 MB, now you do the math 😀

Windows 7: Removing Send Feedback link

The first question that I think you would ask is, "”Why would I want to do that?” like a couple of reasons like, to prevent accidentally opening the send feedback form when what I only want is to minimize the window or you only want to do feedbacks at the link / icon on your desktop?

Before we do the steps:

So in order to remove this link, fire up your Registry editor by clicking run, then type in REGEDIT and navigate in the HKCU and expand Control Panel then also expand Desktop. Find the entry FeedbackToolEnabled right click it then choose modify


In this window, replace the Value data with a zero “0” and click okey.


You may have to log-off for your settings to take effect 😀






So there, no more send feedback link on your Windows and Forms. But still, don’t forget to send your feedback, a link is still in your desktop.

Thanks to sir Jojo Ayson for showing this to PHIWUG at the WebRampUp 😀

The Biggest Developer Day in the Philippines: Web Ramp Up!



We are in the RAMP UP! I joined PHIWUG at the Windows Server 2008 booth last February 26, 2009. Its a good day for Azure, .net, ASP and Windows 7!



Lotsa and lotsa of Windows 7 and my Windows Server 2008 R2!

That is sir Jojo Ayson showing the members of the Philippine Windows Users Group a neat trick for Windows 7 (removing the “Send Feedback” link on the windows title bars!) after his presentation on Windows 7 of course 😀

These are server geeks on a break.

Servers, .net and some laser beams.


The guys do have more pictures but for now here’s mine and hopefully I can find their albums.