Windows Server 2008 Manageability Feature: Group Policy Preferences: Part 5 Shortcuts

What if now you want to just create new shortcuts on your users desktops? Say because its a new corporate SharePoint portal, or just your newly deployed application or a shared document?

Like on the first post, you can go to your the GPMC then on Computer Configuration, Preference and then expand Windows Settings.

On Just right click ShortCuts, new then click Shortcut.


Choosing the actions is just like on our previous posts. There is Create, Replace Update and Remove. I choose create now because its the first time I will be deploying the shortcut.

File System Object is are files or folders, URL is for Website and Shell Objects are those shortcuts or items that can be called by the Windows Shell. For this sample, I will be using the URL and specify the location as http://corporatesharepoint/ (some location or URL you can specify)


There are alot of options and fields there that enables your preference to be more flexible and its instructions are always available at the help button 😀





Group Policy Preferences on Windows Server 2008 Shortcuts Extension, hope its useful to you as much as it is to me.


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