Cannot connect to a virtual machine on Windows Server 2008 Hyper-v if the VMMS certificate has expired

If you have a problem connecting to a Hyper-V VM with error: Cannot connect to the virtual machine because the authentication certificate is expired or invalid or when you try to start a VM and an error that YourVMNAme failed to initialize with an Unspecified Error “0x80004005”. This is because the Hyper-V Management Service certificate has expired.

This is very fixable by just applying an update: KB967902 for Windows Server 2008 x64 Edition. So if you have your WSUS administration or its a standalone server, better apply this hotfix to prevent what happened to me or to fix this issue.

More info is available where I found the fix here: or download the hotfix directly here:



We are at TechNet Flash Philippines!

I just opened my personal email today and was thrilled to see that PHIWUG is again at TechNet Flash!

For issue 24 (July 9, 2009) we are at the blog post of the month. It features the PHIWUG blogs and its very recent and big event : Power Up! The Philippine Windows 7 RC LoadFest! that happened last June 20 at Microsoft Philippines.


Blog post of the month

Power Up! The Philippine Windows 7 RC LoadFest!
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Microsoft Security Essentials code name ‘Morro’ Beta

Morro has just been released as a new product called Microsoft Security Essentials. Currently on its beta version, this FREE antivirus and anti spyware software runs on XP, Vista and Windows 7! Did I just mentioned that it is a free product that you can download and install on your PC’s? But as of now there is only a limited number of downloads for its beta version is available (75,00) and its only allowed for US, Israel, Brazil and China only. So hurry and get your copy at or at

Before what I have personally used (and suggested even to friends and relatives)  is the Windows Live OneCare – but since it will be phased out in a couple of months, I was really looking forward for this new product.


What I have here is Amy’s Laptop with 1G of RAM, Intel Core 2 Duo that has a fresh Windows 7 Ultimate RC (thanks Amy!). I always use her laptop as one of my benchmarks on real machines and real people, If it works for her and she does not complain about what I load into her laptop, I’m pretty much as ease that what is loaded would work on other people. 😀

I have downloaded a very small 4.75MB installer for her x86 computer, a really really small footprint for a security software.

The installation is very straight forward, only a couple of button clicks for us.

Yes, the machine must be a genuine copy 😀


After the installation, it will download antivirus definitions from Microsoft Update, took me about 15mins.


And there it is, its already installed.


This is the home screen where you can command a scan (quick, full or a custom scan)

The update page:




A few settings page and subpages:

Microsoft Spynet:


Really worth checking this new cool free antivirus, again heres the link: