PHIWUG – R2 Community Launch – Training Day 1












Thanks to Norman and Pauvi, PHIWUG just had its first training day for the R2 launch this December. We had a lot of demo’s in-stored for the attendees on this launch like Live Migration, Direct Access, Branch Cache etc.


We’re just so excited for this event, hope to see you guys there!


Manually download the latest updates for Microsoft Security Essentials

This is a neat way of updating MSE, thru a Microsoft download.

Just run this update installer to the target computer and.


Migrating User States thru Easy File Transfer Wizard and USMT on Windows7 – PHIWUG @ Windows7 Launch Resources

Last November 10, 2009 at Shangri-La Makati PHIWUG had the chance to do the Community Tracks / Sessions for the Windows7 Business Launch. It was exciting and I want to extend my personal thanks to PHIWUG and to all of those who attended the community track and we hope that we had shared much on the NO-BS real Philippine IT scenario that we shared to you. All of our speakers are real life “HERO’s” like a Support Services Manager from a IT Consulting Firm, a Network Operations Manager, 3 MVP’s and all other folks that helped and showed their demo.

In my DEMO, I shared my experience on using the Easy File Transfer Wizard and USMT. Essentially everyone was asking for the screencast videos that we saved during the actual demo and for the how-to’s that I used.

You can download the videos from my skydrive at :

For USMT, I’m using this as my trusted how to : for more interesting reading material, go here :

USMT is available via Microsoft download, its bundled with the Windows Automated Kit for Windows7 : Just download the ISO image, burn it or mount it thru your favorite ISO manager.

For Windows Easy File Transfer, its very much a wizard and very much sooo easy and you may just want to look at this:

So that’s all for now, thanks for attending again and hope to see ya all in another PHIWUG event!

My warmest regards,


PHIWUG Planning Meeting – November 19 2009

We just finished our planning meeting last night (November 19, 2009) and yes PHIWUG will have alot of trainings to attend to and more sessions to come, not to mention terence montanez’ TechNet session which we are all looking forward into. We are now preparing for a one-day event on December, so stay tuned!

And thanks to Jay-R Barrios for the Pizza and for a great term he had with PHIWUG. We will miss Jay-R (but not too long we hope).

Running Windows7? Get the latest updates for Application Compatibility!

If you are already running Windows7 (or Windows Server 2008 R2 as a workstation) like me? Do get the latest updates for your PC’s for your Applications to run without any hassles. From a KB article : “The Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 Application Compatibility Update is a software update that improves the compatibility experience in Windows 7 and in Windows Server 2008 R2. Microsoft regularly releases Windows 7 and of Windows Server 2008 R2 application compatibility updates.”

I always use Alcohol 52%, its a virtual drive emulator where I can mount my ISO’s and CUE image disks so that I do not have to burn them again on a physical disk. I had problems installing Alcohol after rebuilding my demo laptop and apparently I did not did my best practice of installation – after manufacturers drivers, get and install the latest updates! I found my update here:  Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 Application Compatibility Update

Downloaded the installer from here:

Download the x86-based versions of Windows 7 update package now. (

Download the x64-based versions of Windows 7 update package now. (

Download the x64-based versions of Windows Server 2008 R2 update package now. (

Download the Itanium-based versions of Windows Server 2008 R2 update package now. (

After downloading your updates manually, just run it and wait for it to finish


here is my screenshot running Alcohol free edition on a Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise.

Moral of the lesson 😀 – Always update your Windows 7 :D. CHEERS!

The NEW efficiency : Philippine Windows7 Business Launch

The Philippine Windows Users Group just finished the community track at the Philippine Windows7 Business Launch “The NEW efficiency” held at the Makati Shangri-La Hotel Makati City on November 10, 2009.


It was a big event, its a long registration line with big ballrooms and big session halls.


The food is great and it was buffet! Yey!

Some last minute preparation from the team


First up is our introduction by non other than our MVP for SharePoint Elczar Adame. Followed by Jay-R Barrios (MVP for Windows Deployment) showed the crowd an overview of the new and exciting features of Windows7. He also did a sample of his expertise in deployment and image management.





Next up is Terrence Montanez, where he did a demo on Deployment Image Servicing and Management.




After installation or mass deployment, we must also migrate our end user state. John D. Delizo (Me) did a demo on User State Migration thru Windows Easy File transfer and User State Migration Tool or USMT.




Bong (Faelmar Tanada) did the Disk Management and Data Protection demo, again awing the crowd with new “server class” features of Windows7 like dynamic disks and RAID.




and then its time for the MVP for Windows Games to demo some games in Windows and also his main topic – Photography, which he really loves to do (Note the very cool Cannon EOS DSLR). He also did a demo on live essentials and the PhotoSynth.




As a finale of-course Chris (Christopher Misola) did his very coolness multi-touch demo for Windows7. This demo has wow-ed the audience for quite some time now, gaining interest on how Chris made this surface like device ! Way to go Chris, we still do a surface-like coffee table, right? We should really do our MSDN session for its SDK 😀



More pictures here on the album:


To all of our wonderful and very much alive attendees, THANKS for attending our session tracks, hope we had shared not just technology but also passion and enough how-to’s. We will definitely do this again and see you all on another PHIWUG event!

From left:

Elczar Adame (MVP for SharePoint), Christopher Misola, Terrence Montanez, John Delizo, Adrian Rodriguez (MVP for Windows Games), Faelmar “Bong” Tanada and the current PHIWUG president Jay-R Barrios (MVP for Windows Deployment).

I Love My Windows7 : The Philippine Windows7 Consumer Launch – Day 2

It’s now day 2 of the Consumer Launch and like the Day 1, A lot of people are in the floor of the Launch.

freebies and prizes were given away!

PHIWUG gave its part 2 demo’s for the crowd. Chris Misola did a demo on Windows Multi-Touch with his self built device and also on his tablet PC. John D. Delizo (Me) did a demo on User State Migration and also as a collateral demo, Windows XP mode, Virtual PC on Windows7 and how hardware friendly Windows7 was – I run 2 virtual machines (One XP and one Windows7) both just on 512 of RAM each!


It was really fun I should say, hope to see you on the Business Launch!

PS: Many thanks to Mellie for this pictures that I got from her FB 🙂 I’ll post more pictures in my skydrive and update the if I see more pictures from other people. Direct link is here:

I Love My Windows7 : The Philippine Windows7 Consumer Launch – Day 1

PHIWUG is at the Windows7 Consumer Launch! Here are some shots from day 1 at the SM North Cyberzone where the event happend

We also did some demo here.


Really huge crowd! Reminds us of an event before, right guys?


Here is the PHIWUG on our group picture. See ya guys at the day2 and on the Business Launch!

Other photos are in this ALBUM at skydrive : 2009.11.07%20-%20Windows7%20Consumer%20Launch%20-%20DAY1