I Love My Windows7 : The Philippine Windows7 Consumer Launch – Day 2

It’s now day 2 of the Consumer Launch and like the Day 1, A lot of people are in the floor of the Launch.

freebies and prizes were given away!

PHIWUG gave its part 2 demo’s for the crowd. Chris Misola did a demo on Windows Multi-Touch with his self built device and also on his tablet PC. John D. Delizo (Me) did a demo on User State Migration and also as a collateral demo, Windows XP mode, Virtual PC on Windows7 and how hardware friendly Windows7 was – I run 2 virtual machines (One XP and one Windows7) both just on 512 of RAM each!


It was really fun I should say, hope to see you on the Business Launch!

PS: Many thanks to Mellie for this pictures that I got from her FB 🙂 I’ll post more pictures in my skydrive and update the if I see more pictures from other people. Direct link is here: http://cid-5686721b6e7ba618.skydrive.live.com/browse.aspx/2009.11.08%20-%20Windows7%20Consumer%20launch%20-%20DAY2


I Love My Windows7 : The Philippine Windows7 Consumer Launch – Day 1

PHIWUG is at the Windows7 Consumer Launch! Here are some shots from day 1 at the SM North Cyberzone where the event happend

We also did some demo here.


Really huge crowd! Reminds us of an event before, right guys?


Here is the PHIWUG on our group picture. See ya guys at the day2 and on the Business Launch!

Other photos are in this ALBUM at skydrive : 2009.11.07%20-%20Windows7%20Consumer%20Launch%20-%20DAY1