Windows 7: Run as a different user

Today I had to use different accounts to do sorts of things (on my visual studio 😛 – and for some reasons, I don’t want to switch user) and I did remember that since XP, there is this cool cmd tool called runas : I tried it and it still works over Windows7, but to my amazement, this has been extended into a hidden context menu! Just shift + Right Click a new set of context menu will be added to the usual ones.

My particular interest is the Run as different user, which enables me to do what runas cmd tool do. Upon invoking the menu, this will open a login dialog box like this where you an enter the user that you want to use and as well as the password.

This run as in the context menu is very convenient, but if you need more control and more switches, i would still recommend the runas cmd tool which as a number of very useful switches.

Ok john, back to work now.


PHIWUG – Windows Server 2008 R2 Community Launch

The Philippine Windows Users Group just finished the 2009 events, capping that off with this half day TechNet event

Windows Server 2008 R2, built on the foundation of Windows Server 2008, helps organizations reduce costs, enable anywhere access and lessen bandwidth costs. Join the Philippine Windows Users Group as they welcome Windows Server 2008 R2 in their community. See them showcase the different technologies of Windows Server 2008 R2 such as Live Migration and DirectAccess!

Tony and Faelmar Tanada, doing the last minute prep work. Those are live demos, this is so exciting!!

Then Tony gave the introductions and the synopsis of this session. Crowd is getting bigger by the minute 😀


Bong, gave the first demo on Terminal Services, as I said, TS has gone along way from 2008 to 2008 R2. And Adrian, another PHIWUG MVP, showing off some tricks and how-tos in branch cache.

My session was about Fail-over clustering. Showed off the new Live Migration – new in Windows Server 2008 R2. Also did a failover cluster demo and of course never miss out a chance to show off the new System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 R2 😀 I really wish this had been a longer session.

Terrence turn for Direct Access, wew Terrence!


Got to thank Norman Jose, Pauvi and Marvin for the usual support for PHIWUG.

We had a guest also! Its Tovia Va’aelua! (The new Server Product Manager for PH) He is from New Zealand and PHIWUG welcomed him in today, so Welcome Totoy! (His new nickname daw in PH 😀 )

All photos are being uploaded at this skydrive:

This event is really a sort of TEASER for the things to come in 2010, we will be doing alot more of those demo’s and its goin to be from planning to scratch installs to the actual management. So do check the site every once in a while, we will be posting our upcoming events there. Its gonna be a great year again and HOPE TO SEE YOU GUYS ON ANOTHER PHIWUG EVENT! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!

PHIWUG – R2 Community Launch – Training Day 2


Our 2nd Setup Saturday last December 05 , with some of PHIWUG members, Terrence, Tony, Adrian, and Yang.


That’s our R2 environment! (not giving the details now, just see us at our event!)

BTW the MSEVENTS link is already up if you may want to register in advance, click here: