Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 7

Back with Windows Vista I have been a really big fan of this free tool – RSAT or the Remote Server Administration Tool, now that everyone has migrated to Windows 7 (finally!) its time to get some tools back to a newly installed machine. One of the tools i need is the RSAT and fortunately enough there is an update / installer for Windows 7 machines. You can download the update directly from the download center: 

Just scroll down to the bottom and download if you have a 64 bit or 32 bit operating system.





After saving to the hard disk, I just had to run the downloaded file and everything is a wizard.



You may have to wait a lil longer for this installation to complete, I may not give you the exact length of time it took me to install this, did it over coffee break 😛







After installing the update, you now have to activate RSAT thru Windows Features.

To do that go to your control panel then click Programs and features:

On programs and features click the Turn Windows Features on or Off at the left hand corner of the window.

Then on Windows Features Window, check the Remote Server Administration Tools, if you expand it you can check or uncheck which ever you need or do not need. You can go back here again if you want to remove or add features in the future.

As you can see, as for me, I’m checking everything, you may never know when you would need one 😀

Clicking Ok will prompt you with this installing dialog, this is now the process that activates the feature. You may want to have your second coffee break now.

After installing, the Administration Tools appeared  on my start menu. (Sorry I had to blank out some details) .

So that’s it! The RSAT or Remote Server Administration Tool for Windows 7 and for my final screenshot of my desktop (a Windows 7 Enterprise) have you seen the Active Directory Administrative Center? But that’s in another story, till then CHEERS!


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John is currently creating digital assets that protects people and their future, a technical trainer and a full time geek specializing on development and deployment of innovations created with .NET framework on Windows platform as well as Windows infrastructure projects. He is the primary contact of the Philippine Windows Users Group, a contributor at the Microsoft Philippines Community forums and regularly conducts community sessions as well as other Microsoft technology events. John owns the Busy Saving The World Techblog.

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