Getting rid of unwanted ads using IE 8 InPrivate filtering

Hello, I have been busy and tonight I just wanted to read some development in the news but I got really annoyed of the ads loading in my browser. This always happens to me when I browse a site and an ad will pop or will clutter my screen! If you are like me that does want to filter your browsing experience to some parts of the web page, you can use the IE8 InPrivate filtering. Sorry, not really a fan nor ever used online ads. This is just me tho.

This is a snip of my browser me just goin thru our local tv news channel site: Look, I have this ad.

I will try to block this google ad by goin to the lower right corner of the browser window and clicking the history icon with a lock in it besides the zoom. I click it and choose settings like so:

Then this window will appear:

I choose the content to block or allow and chosed some and blocked them by clicking them on the list then while highlighted, I clicked the [block] button.

So I blocked them all  


Then I clicked the [OK] Button. Tried to refresh the page just to see if there are anymore ads there. NONE! So everytime I visit this site, no more ads!

There, back to my evening browsing 😛 Cheers!


Remote Assistance in Windows 7 and XP with a dear friend :)

Last night, a very dear friend of mine needed help in her PC. I can’t just run off in the middle of the night to go there and fix a simple thingy so we decided to have a REMOTE ASSISTANCE session.

First what is Remote assistance, copy-pasting this line from this Microsoft site: : Remote Assistance provides a way for you to get the help you need when you run into problems with your computer. If you’re an experienced user, you can even be the one to use Remote Assistance to directly help your friends and family members.

This was available waaaay back XP days! I was just kinda surprised that some has not heard of this yet. Plus this is really simple with a few steps and youre on your way. In remote assistance there are two actors, one is the helper (the expert.. TADAHHHH) and the one that you are helping. You may also send an invitation to help or invite a person to help.

For this scenario I will just do a screenshot cast of where to find Remote Assistance and some basics, I will request someone to help me. Just press the start button then type remote assistance.

Opening remote assistance, you will see this: For now I will invite a person to help me.

In order to initiate the connection, an invitation file will be sent to your expert, you can either save the invitation and send it as an attachment or just send it outright thru outlook or any mail client that you may have.

Saving the file as…

This is the remote assistance window, don’t close it. Wait for the expert to respond to your request.


The following took place last night, I received the invitation from the dear friend in need

Opened my mail and there it is.

I opened the attachment and allowed it to be open outright.

The net is acting up again last night so I had to wait a couple of seconds for this to connect:

Connected! there now I can see her desktop like in remote desktop. I’m just viewing right now. If I wanted to control her desktop, I just simply click the Request control icon on the top right corner of the Remote assistance Window. (BTW she is using a really old windows XP machine, if I mean old I really mean old, XP Still is a good downloader don’t you think?)

So there you have it, Windows Remote Assistance from Windows 7 and XP.