@MSKAPIHAN goes to Subic!



Microsoft Philippines Community members, Student Partners (MSP) and Most Valuable Professionals (MVP) just finished the 3rd MSKAPIHAN which was done in XTREMELY XPRESSO CAFÉ in Subic.


Nice to see familiar and re-joined faces there, Jeff and Maan were there, Punzie is there as well! Good to see youre back Punzie! (Nice talk about F# BTW)


We had the chance to have a bonding moment with the Microsoft Student Partners in this MSKAPIHAN, it was refreshing to have newer faces and FRESHER in the tech group. I hope the MSP’s had a their share of key take-aways in this session.



In this session, there are several topics had been discussed. Like introduction to typical deployment scenarios using Visual Studio 2010, a brief discussion on Team Foundation Server 2010 (unit testing, gated check-ins, continuous integration build and scheduled build) not to mention F# but the main topic had revolved around the Windows Azure platform, SQL Azure and Azure Storage. Some in-depth discussion that was also mentioned is using LINQ on SQL Azure, performance and so much more! (Wish you were there huh?)



Hope to see the recording and share it here!


Food is great! Calamares and the lunch is babyback ribs with fries and corn, YUM!


After the tech talk, is a photography walk. MVP Allan Magune shooting across the street


Yes, its Maan taking pictures in the middle of the road.


The bonding and funny moments with the community!


The MVPs (Should / Can I post this photo? Really?) 😛


this is the 3rd MSKAPIHAN, we will organize more of these, so stay tuned!


DevCon @ Ubertor

Just want to say thank you to MVP Allan Magune for inviting me to attend this event last November 13, 2010 in DevCon. This was the first for me and was just there to cheer for Microsoft Philippines DPE as the sponsor for this event and I did not know what was with DevCon and what DevCon people do.

Saw one member of PHIWUG doing a lightning demo on Silverlight development and a fellow MVP Jon Limjap on a demo on Windows Phone.



For one DevCon is a group or a gathering of different people with different preferences on the technology they use. I saw Mac people and Linux enthusiast. Apparently they have this session called “Birds of the same feather”, where there would be representatives from the 3 operating systems to take turns in the microphone and convince the crowd, to choose the operating system that they are representing. Another is why NOT the other operating systems. Me and a fellow PHIWUG member was ambushly volunteered for this and I had a quick flashback on my history in the technology space.


Some key points that we expressed that made Windows as the choice operating system of this DevCon night:

  1. TCO
  2. Manageability
  3. Windows Server Roles
  4. Windows 7
  5. Transparency in the OS roadmap
  6. Desktop Cost
  7. Usability
  8. Support
  9. . Installation
  10. . Enterprise
  11. . GPO
  12.   Productivity
  13. . Should I continue with this list? Because I have not yet gone thru IPv6, Direct Access, BitLocker, Applocker and the list goes on and on and on and on..


I had been a Unix (they say Mac is unix, daw) administrator, a Linux administrator (Hi sir Dojie, Leslie and Sir David) but I will still choose Windows as my technology preference and a platform of choice. I know we had Vista, but that’s history – in the night all issues had been just about Vista but we now have Windows7. Try it out, it may surprise you like most of the people and enterprises that I had a chance to demo this to.

Again, thank you DevCon, it was really fun having this friendly discussion with you guys!


Thank you to MVP Jon Limjap and other community members for the Photo.

@MSKAPIHAN in Tagaytay


@MSKAPIHAN was in Tagaytay City last October 29, 2010 where we discussed Windows Phone 7 and MVP for Mobile Norbert did the lead on this, wow so that’s the new Windows Phone!


Windows Phone, Mobile Development and Other tech topics over hot coffee on a cold weather was really nice.


After the tech topics, comes the Photography session by non other than our resident Photography Guru.. Our Direk! (MVP Eduardo Lorenzo)


Setting up the rig, flash and all!


Yes Windows as practice shoots lol.


Then we continued on the rest of the afternoon, Photowalking and relaxing on the Tagaytay city weather.