Hyper-V Windows clients not using Dynamic Memory on fresh install


Ok if you encounter a freshly installed Windows 7 client and are not using dynamic memory on hyper-V even though you have already set it in options that it should – try upgrading the Integration Services.

Just go to actions then choose  “Insert Integrations Services Setup Disk”.


Then when autoplay comes, just run.


Click ok on UAC


Click okay.


While installing, grab a beer and walk away.


Restart when appropriate.


Will install some updates….


After booting.. WHALAHH!

All clients are now running dynamic memory!





This post is dedicated to the one that called me earlier while I am at work asking about this so I figured, lets just post this overdue draft! Good luck tomorrow!


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John is currently creating digital assets that protects people and their future, a technical trainer and a full time geek specializing on development and deployment of innovations created with .NET framework on Windows platform as well as Windows infrastructure projects. He is the primary contact of the Philippine Windows Users Group, a contributor at the Microsoft Philippines Community forums and regularly conducts community sessions as well as other Microsoft technology events. John owns the Busy Saving The World Techblog.

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