Globe Telecoms and IPv6 Adoption in the Philippines

The other day, somebody from an event remembered my email and asked me about IPv6; I distinctly remember I did that event for Globe Telecoms last November and I haven’t posted anything about it so here goes:


But first, some background.

Globe Telecom is one of the largest Telecom here in the Philippines. They are the leading provider for Wireless service both for Mobile Phone and Internet. Globe also has landlines, hard line internet DSL and enterprise products. Putting it simply, they are the key player in internet here.

IPv6 is the new internet protocol addressing system, each device, computer, connections etc has its own “Address”. The old addressing version 4, is already maxed out. Using the version 6, gives us the opportunity to use more addresses. This is the basic notion on IPv6 vs IPv4 and on top of this, there are a lot of real world problems that are being solved with the IPv6 adoption.

What does it mean to us IT Professionals, System Administrators and Enterprise Architects here in the Philippines? We need to adapt now, in fact this news has been around us since 2008:

On Windows, IPv6 was already been introduced way back Windows XP: now on Windows 8

For the entire Technical overview, practical applications etc visit this link:

Going back to the email, in summary the question was “Somebody recommended to us that we should DISABLE IPv6 on our Servers and Client OS, so that DNS query would run faster would you recommend that too?”

I say, no, leave it on by default. Disabling IPv6 you are not forwards compatible and not to mention you will break things that are relying on IPv6.

Also, IPv6 is the good guy. Read this article :


And now, for some news clippings about the event Smile










More IPv6 Reading at TechNet: