PHIWUG is cooking something for October!



One night, these enterprise administrators, NOC engineers and support specialists got together (thank you Microsoft Philippines Office for the venue) to talk about everything Windows Servers, especially the new version being released just around the corner, oh and to prepare something for October. 

So our members are building up the chatter even the famous Faelmar and Rence is present this time! Would also like to welcome Ren and Ritchie on the core group. MVP Milo is there as well and thank you to the picture taker a ninja MVP (whose identity cannot be mentioned because he is supposed to be virtually at work at that meeting)S


Stay tuned, PHIWUG is really doing something big this October!


Visual Studio 2010 SDK on Windows 8

Quick note – If you have this error installing VS2010 SDK on Windows 8:

Error message: You must have Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 installed on your computer before…

All you have to do is one registry fix:

Go to HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\DevDiv\vs\Servicing\10.0\SP


Edit the SP Value and make it 0


Run setup again and code away my friend!