Thank you UPHSL Binan (Again!)

So, I’m here again at University of Perpetual Help System, Binan Laguna to again to share and talk about what we do and whats new in IT. I really enjoyed going back to my province specially to this school. More familiar faces like “The Dean”, former officemates and ofcourse my sister (thanks for taking the pictures, sorry sis, no pictures for the photographer) 🙂

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I started my talk “from the cloud and beyond”, because here we are right now! Again, students – Windows Server 2012, built from the could up, remember? 🙂


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Again, thanks Dean, Sis and to all that attended – goodluck on your future career after your graduation!


Philippine Windows Users Group presents, Windows Server 2012 Rocks!



Hey all! Thank you for joining PHIWUG for our Community Launch for the Windows Server 2012 Rocks! this November 16, 2012. We had a great time talking and tech sharing with everyone.


We also launched the new PHIWUG logo, design still courtesy of the MVP that designed our previous and first logo: Jay-R Barrios!

As always, Microsoft Philippines greeted us with their welcome and to start of the event here we invited MS PH Server and Tools lead for MS PH Joel Garcia giving his welcome-welcome and hellos.


Our first PHIWUG tech presenter is non other than Faelmar “Bong” Tanada who came all the way from the seminary in the mountains – showing off running server core and extending it to a disk-less implementation.



Next one is the IP Address Management, by Terence Montanes. We lost time in QA on this one, so still please feel free to post any questions in our FB page 🙂



MVP for Enterprise Security – Milo Pacamara discussed how secure are you, producing demos that penetrates the old Windows XP and other operating systems even new and then how Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8 handles these threats.



Our next tech discussion is led by Ren Narvaez, our newest addition to the core team of PHIWUG and he now shares whats the newest way to Manage group of servers even a whole data center in one console in the server manager dashboard – speaking from being an MCT and a full time server administrator.


Lastly, I had to discuss the environment that is used for demo. We used the new Windows Server Hyper-V and what are the lastest enhancements on Server 2012 in terms of Virtualization and Cloud.



We used a number of Machines including this Fujitsu rack mount server with 32GB of Ram with Intel Xeon processors to do live migrations, shared nothing and moving of virtual machines.


We promised that we will post the step by step guide on how we did the setup that the WDS boots diskless servers that run hyper-v roles (we will, promise). These virtualization servers that were used were being managed by one server manager. These is PHIWUG’s version of a private cloud infrastructure thanks to the Hyper-V over SMB and shared nothing migration feature!

For the evaluation software download links are here:


Also thanks again to Microsoft PH for this awsome venue!


And the Beeeeeeeeeeeeer! (Windows Server 2012 + Beer = legen-waitforit-dary!)

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Oh by the way, Congratulations for the big winners of 16GB and 8GB USB Drives as well as other freebees, stick ons and our T-shirts! 🙂 And lets not forget the grand price winner (Aljein Dimayuga) for the Raffle for the Nokia Lumia 610! (Because we care, we also included a very cool OtterBox :p )



Also many thanks to the man behind the scenes (and the cameras) for his support in the event, most importantly the technical assistance (I almost skipped a heart beat when my new Cougar-Sapphire Machine died! Good thing he is there to kick-start it again) thanks MVP Adrian Rodriguez!  Look at our sole photo with him with Tim, he doesn’t really seem to want to be in front of the camera hahaha!



And thank you for the 200+ People that came to our event. Jam-packed and full house good vibes everywhere, tech sharing on the side and beer!


For those who registered and gave feedback on this booth, thank you so much and we look forward to see you on our next event!


PHIWUG Event tonight is already sold-out but please register still and come – all IT Pro’s are welcome!


We are ready!

The Philippine Windows Users Group will be presenting tonight:


Windows Server 2012 Rocks!


Register here:




For this event, we only had a soft cap of 150 however, there are attendees who told me that they would register on the day itself and there are some that tried to register last night and were wait listed, however you can still come!