Windows Server 2008 R2 DHCP Error 1046–not authorized

Its late last night and I am doing my usual labs and I just rebuilt my entire lab using Server Core. It’s a temporary lab for a customer POC that I will ship out tomorrow and with that I have combined AD + DNS + DHCP role in one VM. So here’s the story:

  1. Successfully Installed AD and DNS, thru DCPromo /unattend:c:\DCUnnattend.txt – good.
  2. Installed DHCP server role using my trusted OCsetup and it installed flawlessly.
  3. Used netsh exec to load my usual DHCP configuration, same one that I have been using so far on any server install that I have for labs. Great.
  4. Now its not giving any IP addresses to other client VM’s – now why?
    I did some troubleshooting and found an error on the event log: Error 1046! (yea used wevtutil and viewing it thru event viewer but that’s for another story Smile)
      So what is Event 1046? TechNet says:

    Event ID 1046 — DHCP General Availability
    Applies To: Windows Server 2008

    General availability of the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server refers to its ability to service clients. General availability depends on:

    1. Proper authorization of the DHCP server
    2. Presence of Active Directory Domain Services
    3. Successful loading of the DHCP dynamic-link libraries (DLLs)

    Wait I say to myself, isn’t this server core installation is also the AD Server of this domain? Because I know for a fact that if DHCP role is installed in a computer running the AD also, it does not have to be Authorized!

    Okay, lets authorize it via CMD using this:

    netsh dhcp server serverID initiate auth


    netsh dhcp server initiate auth

    Oh this will be a long night. So saved the server VM, snapshot, shutdown and then I tried it again now using a template that is not from Core (Windows Server 2008 R2 Full + AD + DNS installed from WDS, another story for later). Tried same steps and there, Then me going to the DHCP snap-in on the server manager, I confirmed that the DHCP server still appears unauthorized. Out of desperation, I Restarted my server and while doing so reading this: Not very helpful though. Ok out of frustration, I authorized my DHCP on the MMC Snap-in and everything works fine!

    Having that, I suspect I am using the wrong command to initiate the authorization. Okay going back to basics, as one of my very very dark mentor before when I was still on the ISP business “RTFM”!

    So going to


    Wait, what?! Nah, lets see the complete manual of netsh dhcp here:


    So lets try it out, shut down the Server Fulls and restored the Server Core VM’s fired up this command:

    Netsh DCHP add server <fqdn>

    and it works, its alive! its alive!

    Okay lesson learned, if you are installing DHCP role with ADDS + DNS role, make sure that you add your fqdn and ip to the list of authorized servers in active directory. Snap-in authorization does this for us (I think) but if you are now using and adopting Server Core for the entire enterprise make sure that you fire up that command. Thus a new entry in my step-by-step commands on deploying Windows Server.

    Now back to my servers! Cheers! And oh Good morning!


    Enabling Audit Events for Windows Firewall with Advanced Security

    If you are following the TechNet Article you may notice that if you use :

    auditpol.exe /list /category:"Policy Change"  or any category, this throws an error 0x00000057 that the parameter is incorrect when used with Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 8 Beta (I have not checked with Vista and XP).

    When /get is used rather than /list, there is no error and it displays correctly. Full command used is as follows:

    auditpol.exe /get /category:"Policy Change"


    Philippine Software Industry Association– Expanded Instructors Training

    This is a long overdue thank you post to the Philippine Software Industry Association for having me as their instructor for two weeks (courtesy of TaughtWorks and Microsoft Philippines) in their College Teachers Training (Expanded Learning on Information Technology Services – ELITES) this May 2012.

    For two weeks we had a boot camp style training from “null” to “Metro” .

    The first week is all about basics – all about development under Visual Studio 2012 and of course our language of choice is C# + ASP.NET MVC! (We love MVC! WOoohhooO!) and of course how to teach these to their students.

    The second week is all about Agile development using Visual Studio 2012, how to take advantage of its features during software development and how to make their students aware that after college they will encounter these advanced toolsets.

    For the finale, its all Metro and Windows 8. Here we used Windows 8 and Visual Studio 2012 to create Windows 8 apps. Because we also know how to use TFS 2012, we had a very integrated development environment here, running also continuous integration and build running on Windows Server 2012.

    I must say, great apps everyone great apps! Specially those course materials thing and the javascript only slot machine – that was cool!

    So heres Alvin Gendrano, interviewing the participants on the apps that they created. Thanks Alvin for stopping by!


    These are our Servers – All on Windows Server 2012 Beta.

    Our Active Directory Domain Services, our TFS and our build server.

    Team Foundation Server 2012 Beta with Automated Build Service Running on Windows Server 2012 Beta


    Again, to Taughtworks, Microsoft Philippines, PSIA and to everyone who participated in this training – Thank you and hope to see you again in future trainings!


    MCT Renewed for another year!

    Just got the mail, I am renewed for another year! Woo! Quoting the MCT site: MCT certification requires an annual renewal. Each year, Microsoft Certified Trainers must complete an online application, pay an annual fee, and meet a number of program requirements to renew their certification for the coming year.



    Why renew?

    “Discover Tools, resources, and other benefits to help you thrive as both a technologist and an educator. The following MCT certification program benefits help you build, maintain, and prove your expertise on Microsoft products and technologies—and prepare for, teach, and support blended learning solutions.”

    “As a Microsoft Certified Trainer, you gain access to the MCT member site, where you can download your MCT certificate and MCT program logos for use on your resume.”

    Among other things check-out the program benefits here:

    More info about MCT program here:

    Globe Telecoms and IPv6 Adoption in the Philippines

    The other day, somebody from an event remembered my email and asked me about IPv6; I distinctly remember I did that event for Globe Telecoms last November and I haven’t posted anything about it so here goes:


    But first, some background.

    Globe Telecom is one of the largest Telecom here in the Philippines. They are the leading provider for Wireless service both for Mobile Phone and Internet. Globe also has landlines, hard line internet DSL and enterprise products. Putting it simply, they are the key player in internet here.

    IPv6 is the new internet protocol addressing system, each device, computer, connections etc has its own “Address”. The old addressing version 4, is already maxed out. Using the version 6, gives us the opportunity to use more addresses. This is the basic notion on IPv6 vs IPv4 and on top of this, there are a lot of real world problems that are being solved with the IPv6 adoption.

    What does it mean to us IT Professionals, System Administrators and Enterprise Architects here in the Philippines? We need to adapt now, in fact this news has been around us since 2008:

    On Windows, IPv6 was already been introduced way back Windows XP: now on Windows 8

    For the entire Technical overview, practical applications etc visit this link:

    Going back to the email, in summary the question was “Somebody recommended to us that we should DISABLE IPv6 on our Servers and Client OS, so that DNS query would run faster would you recommend that too?”

    I say, no, leave it on by default. Disabling IPv6 you are not forwards compatible and not to mention you will break things that are relying on IPv6.

    Also, IPv6 is the good guy. Read this article :


    And now, for some news clippings about the event Smile










    More IPv6 Reading at TechNet:

    PHIWUG is at Microsoft Innovation Universe 2012



    Look beyond Virtualization with Microsoft Philippines’ Server Summit (March 21), Microsoft will be hosting its second annual Server Summit where the company will showcase the latest offerings in its sever family – System Center 2012 and SQL Server 2012, and share how they can help enterprises evolve the data center and transform data into insight. Companies will learn how to manage their own on-premise and cloud infrastructures all in one place, deliver IT as a service, and get the most out of their data infrastructure investments.


    Discover exciting innovations powered by Microsoft technologies in Who Dunn I.T. (March 22) Microsoft invites Filipino IT professionals and skilled developers to participate in this year’s Who Dunn I.T. , an event where 50 local startups, developers and student teams will give participants a first look at their innovative applications running on touch-enabled phones, tablets and web browsers, and cutting-edge applications hosted on the cloud.


    Learn about the brightest innovations from future IT leaders in Imagine Cup (March 23) Interact with the best student teams in the country as Microsoft Philippines hosts Imagine Cup, the world’s premiere student technology competition that gathers the best developers to address problems faced by the world today using the power of information technology.


    And.. We are there since day 1!


    Yea we are there and we set-up a loading booth that has 2 servers installed with a complete  Windows Deployment Services on the new Windows Server 8 Beta. Super geeky too, setting it up on a projector 🙂


    IMG_8914 (Small)

    Terrence, Me, Chris and Jeff was there.

    IMG_8915 (Small)IMG_8920 (Small)IMG_8913 (Small)

    Chris has setup his giant multi touch projector device!

    IMG_8975 (Small)IMG_8922 (Small)IMG_8934 (Small)

    IMG_8950 (Small)IMG_8933 (Small)IMG_8951 (Small)IMG_9000 (Small)

    Thanks Microsoft for your support and for the booth on the three days of the Innovation Universe!

    IMG_8956 (Small)IMG_8957 (Small)IMG_8959 (Small)IMG_8964 (Small)IMG_8968 (Small)IMG_8991 (Small)IMG_8997 (Small)


    IMG_9032 (Small)IMG_9051 (Small)

    Look at who we found, Jojo Ayson and Alvin Gendrano!

    IMG_9053 (Small)WP_000626WP_000642WP_000648