Fun Filler Text for Word (even in 2013) :P AKA Another Easter Egg

Quick Blog! So here I am, le me winding down the day and doing some documents and found some interesting thing to do with Word 🙂

So try these things out on MS Word, type the following and then press enter:





and my favorite:




Lol, so I dug around the internet and found out that these are actually a features of office called  “Filler Text” that you can use as place holder or dummy text for your documents.

With digging, I found out you can pass integer "parameters” in to those functions above.

So like =Lorem(N) with N as a number, example is =Lorem(10) which gives you 10 sentences or lines of text.

Yeaa, go on try out =Rand(100) 🙂



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I'm John and in the daytime I am the Chief Technology Officer of VFTS.NET - a consulting firm that specializes on development and deployment of business solutions created with .NET framework on Windows platform and Windows infrastructure projects. I am a core member of the Philippine Windows Users Group, a contributor at the Microsoft Philippines Community forums and I regularly conduct technical sessions as well as other Microsoft technology events. I am a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional in the Cloud and Datacenter Management Technical Expertise but away from any keyboard I spend hours reading books, travel, explore, and being busy with my dog named Floppy.

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