Team Foundation Service –Team Rooms

So its Monday. Then our team discovered Team Rooms in Team Foundation Service.


This is basically, a team chat window.


So we configured it to show all notifications and as we try out some emoticons, a build failed. So back to work! I promise to blog about this experience soon!


Basic Scripting for Hyper-V with PowerShell (Create and Manage VHD and VM)

Quick entry. So I need to do a lab for a client and I need to recreate a lab for them. They asked, how did you do it? They further said its really tiring going to UI route creating differencing disks and VM (That’s why!). So I told them I just to use PowerShell. This is being done on My Windows 8 Desktop with Hyper-V installed.


Command is

New-VHD -ParentPath "<path>.vhdx" -Path "<path>.vhdx"


How about VM?

Note: Just make sure you run as an administrator!

New-VM -Name "<name>" –MemoryStartupBytes <int>GB -SwitchName "<Switch Name>" –Path "<Where you want to save>" –VHDPath “<Path\VHD.vhdx>”


As you can see, you do not have the parameter to configure how many virtual cores to be assigned to this VM. You do this:

Set-VMProcessor “<name>” –Count <int>


This is also true for Dynamic Memory:

Set-VMMemory <VM Name> -DynamicMemoryEnabled $true



All info of  these are available at TechNet (Hyper-V Cmdlets in Windows PowerShell):