Thank you Polytechnic University of the Philippines!


Thank you Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) for inviting us to your 3rd ICT Conference! The event is a blast on your Sta. Mesa campus, we would definitely go back for more.

First off, Me and Isamu Shinozaki our resident Windows Expert-IT Pro MVP of PHIWUG, talking about what technology we and our clients use. We did a demo on Office 365’s Exchange plus Outlook.


Then we did a demo on our Lync Online! Lastly a step-by-step demo on SharePoint Online and SkyDrive with its office web apps. 


Hope everyone in the audience, including one’s that are outside had a chance to see the newest cloud services and what it is to work in an efficient and open office environment. To work even in ummm.. PUP – while doing an event!



Thanks for listening to our ramblings about the cloud, see you there!


Thank you Microsoft Philippines for the T-Shirts and the 8GB USB, the students loved the Windows Phone developer shirt 🙂


Next session is with Renne Barcelona, our Enterprise Security MVP talking about (what else? IT Security!)


As always, our finale – Faelmar Tanada! Talking about Windows To Go and how he removed the hard drive of his laptop and its still running Windows 8!



The entire floor was alive! Galing!


Again, to everyone in PUP Sta. Mesa, thank you so much for inviting us. Good luck to your chosen IT career and see you in the cloud!


Oh and visit us at and to the PHIWUG Facebook page.



PS: Pictures are being added to this Photo Album:


Sign In from Office Applications with your Office 365 Accounts!

This is one of the features that are not so well known by some of the people that I interact with and they are saying its not the same. A little background, I am really used to having AD + SharePoint + Exchange + Lync. I used to just edit a document in SharePoint or connect my Office say Excel to that document list and I have versioning and sharing of the document.

Come Office 365’s SharePoint online, we created a team sites for internal use. We decided not to use ADFS to sync office 365 identities and we have an existing AD in the local network. For some reason also we did not expose our AD to some personal machines and to VPN like the one that I am using here at home – this signs in to my Microsoft (Live) account.


Today I am reviewing reports and commenting on some worksheets. I Opened my Team Site and opened the list that I need to edit. Opened one Excel.

You know Excel Web App is not the same for me. An example, I cant find the Count at the bottom right of the worksheet when you highlight Cells.


Or some shortcuts like F5 (This refreshes the page, duh).

So what am I going to do? Open this on Excel of course, you go to Edit Workbook: Edit in Excel – like this:


This Pop-up and all of the errors will be there if you havent put your sharepoint URL on the trusted sites of IE.


Click yes and a couple more of Errors will come up – also there would be some excel errors.


So! What am I doing wrong? Again, I am used to that seamless integration of Office and SharePoint. Well maybe its because my Machine and SharePoint uses AD. Its because the identities are shared to all applications and services that we created a single sign-on environment. Oh well, I will just download the excel file, edit it and upload it again as Version 2. Not the ideal case, but hey I am working at home.

There is got to be a better way.

Go to your excel and click your account. See that Switch account link? Click it.


Type in your Office 365 Email Address, then click Next. It will look for the account and then type your password when asked. Click Sign-In.


After you sign in you will see your account, click it and change your account settings. I do this so that you know what account account I am using in Office at this moment. I got also live accounts that use SkyDrive so I don’t want to be confused.

You will see your account settings here, will also see the connected services. Mine has SharePoint.


Note that Office Caches your account, may want to protect your PC more now 🙂 Go out of that page by clicking the back arrow.

We can go back to the SharePoint site. Open the same Excel file. Then edit with Excel again. This has worked for me but I want to show you how to open it using the Open Menu of Excel.


Then open the Excel file. As you may notice, this is the same SharePoint document list that we are using.


You should be able to open the excel file now.

PS. Don’t forget to switch account!


PS.PS. You can add service the default live account, for some it may be confusing and insecure. I want to explicitly change accounts when needed over convenience of consolidating your accounts.

But if you really want to, change back to the main account and go to the account settings.


Select Office 365 SharePoint. That will ask again for your username and password of the Office 365 account then will return. When you go back to the Excel Workbook, You will see the two storage accounts linked with the other services.


There you have it! Back to work and happy Office 365 integration!

Windows Server 2012 R2 now available via TechNet and MSDN

So its here! Saw Christa Anderson’s post on TechNet blogs about this being available today:


Why download? check this out:

Happy downloading!