TFS new look and its still free!


Hey, I was browsing for some projects today and whooola! New look!

From home page to the project, new.


Also, a long overdue highlight for the new Test tab 🙂


Now back to this new project!


Deploy Exchange 2013 and Windows Server 2012! The event!


So first thank you Philippine Windows Users Group and Microsoft Philippines for giving us the opportunity to push this event. Nice to see how PHIWUG, even before to have a lot of reach. From students and to my fellow IT Professionals!

So here we discussed WHAT is really that EXCHANGE Sever, why is it widely used to most of the big corporations and umm Us! Haha My company has Exchange and loving every minute of it!


Didn’t had too much pictures this time and a selfie wouldn’t hurt plus the audienceis very cool so I took our shot!



Thanks guys! See you on our next event!