Windows 8.1 with AMD Eyefinity Multi Monitor Setup on a newer custom build.


Still the Semi-Official Statement: I needed more power for work, especially the game that’s coming out and ofcourse the landscape to work on. Smile

Its still an AMD build. So, I will be re-using a lot of parts that I have on the current build, I am upgrading soon but for now, here is the setup:


Mother Board: Gigabyte GA-0970A-DS3P this supports the AM3+ for my new FX processor and it has a lot of good reviews and has local support. This is also bang for the buck, not that expensive. This would house all of my new stuffs so I picked the one with the Ultra Durable badge Smile

Processors: AMD FX 8320 which is at 3.5 to 4.0 GHZ, I havent done anything with this, everything is plug and play for now. Oh by the way, it has 8 cores.

Memory: Kingston Hyper-X Fury I got a Dual Channel, DDR3 on 2pcs x 8GB. Nothing much, just 16GB of RAM for Unity and Visual Studio and stuffs.

Video/Graphics Card: I am reusing by Sapphire 7950 3GB GDDR5. This supports the 4 Monitors. I blogged how its done here.

Hard Drives: For the operating system, I am using a Crucial M500 SSD and it boots Windows 8.1 in 10 seconds.  I have one Western Digital and a Seagate SATA hard drives as slaves. SSD is not cheap enough these days, I only got a 128GB and I had to install most of my other applications in the WD and Seagate. But man, Visual Studio is fast on an SSD.

Casing: I am still using the old Cougar Evolution from my old build. Its really nice that they have built-in cable management and you can hide the cables at the back of the case. It also has fan control, since I am using this rig, it would be hot and cooling is my next upgrade so stay tuned.


Standing up, its high enough to have air circulation, pig with fur for scale. Sorry, no banana, he ate it. Its my dog, floppy. He is always there, fur everywhere. So I have put some stockings in the fan so that dust and fur would not go inside the casing.


A closer look inside. Fans are big but Gigabyte has still space for Crossfire! (my 4th and final update, if le wife permits)


We have a blue-violet thing going on the LED. These helps if you want to look inside the casing and the fans are spinning on top are exhausts. And its kinda cool to look at Smile


Performance: Using this rig, we can test if finally we can set all games in Ultra. applications for work use more power.

These sceenshots are done on a default / stock mode, without any OC.


Using AMD OverDrive: 11954


8 Cores are still not doing anything Smile 






Finally, Warhammer 40K series! Set on Ultra settings, while raining on the Angel gates where there are 100+ spawns and still not lagging.


So until the next upgrade!


Two geeks got married, left all infrastructure while on vacation where no internet has gone before

So, yes. In Philippines there is a place called Sagada somewhere in the Mountain Province. In order to go there, you have to take Manila to Banaue, an 8 hour bus ride from Manila and then 3 hours Van ride to Sagada.


Typically, when we go on vacation, there are a lot of things to worry about. But we just got married and I am not supposed to work at all. And for one, I will be gone for a whole week without any contact. This is the mountain province, we have 512kbps or at best 3G in the middle of the town but that’s about it. In the hotel there is NO internet only food, lots of food.


Before, I was not able to do this. I distinctly remember, I filled a leave but being called back to office late at night because our QMAIL is not accepting any messages. Back then I handled 5 (Law & Financial Audit) companies all in one box, imagine the frustration of users to the IT. Why one box with no availability? Budget. Period.

You may also notice, I was not able to post tech articles in my blog. Lets get one thing straight, I am not managing all of my client’s and my company’s infrastructure. I haven’t encountered head scratching problem for the longest time, that’s why. Maybe a little, I will blog about the Win2012R2’s domain rename that’s synchronizing with Azure after I fixed it. Yea, there are still some core infra that is still left in the datacenter that needs my attention, but do not be overwhelmed by managing everything your self. There are a lot of systems that can be automated, including Exchange and SharePoint.

So everything is either on Premise, in Microsoft Azure or in Office 365. My next item on my list is the Azure Active Directory Connect that replaces FIM and AD Premium so excited to implement these. And now I do not worry about my mail system that gives me time to implement those and of course, go out of town with longer vacations with the better half.  ❤

But hey, I am back! Its gonna be busy for a while so stay tuned!