Simplified take on Arduino ESP8266 WiFi Management

So hello! If you are doing Arduino and ESP8266, I have just published my first Github repo on WiFi management for IoT devices.

More of a hobby, nothing professional but I try to have clean code with this project along with some OOP structure so that its reusable by anyone that would want to use this library. 


If this is something that may interest you, please feel free to go to

There are other approaches on ESP8266 WiFi management, however, most solutions based on my search would switch the WiFi mode of ESP8266 upon configuration leaving the ESP8266 hard to manage or reconnect to other WiFi hotspots. This project should support both WiFi mode while being able to serve a captive portal and a management portal.

This project is meant to be very simple and easy to use. Hope I can make it configurable and to serve HTTP request faster soon. (I am a beginner in C++ and Arduino though).

So, this post is more of an introduction. I would want to blog soon about the design decisions that went thru creating the library. 


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