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I really enjoyed this game this Saturday! and It reminded me again, I’m really a Software Engineer! (oh yeah, I’m a MCTS and MCPD for .net 2.0 Web App) Although my work is really systems architecture and design, with the fact that my calling is for IT pro (or the servers are calling me) .

The instructions really looks familiar!

Enough of this (I need to finish my track!), go check it out here or directly @


Virtualization MCTS exams

As a follow-up on the getVirtualNow event and also for my previous post  on Free Offer: Virtualization E-Learning Collection on MCP Flash! I found this over Microsoft learning site : Virtualization TS Exams!

  • Exam 70-403 TS: System Center Virtual Machine Manager, Configuring (available soon)
  • Exam 70-643 TS: Windows Server 2008 Applications Infrastructure, Configuring
  • Exam 70-652 TS: Windows Server 2008 Virtualization, Configuring
  • Exam 70-656 TS: Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack, Configuring

Something to be certified for in a couple of months!

MCP Exam Security and Integrity

I believe that this news is a good start to be the very first post for the year. Because having the pride of being an MCP myself, I was thrilled to see that Microsoft has updated its MCP site. I may say it illiterates the seriousness against exam and certification fraud. I have already this hint from colleagues in the IT world like Mafi_Mok (Faelmar) on getVirtualnow! event last December on Microsoft Philippines where we have briefly talked about exam cheating, we had our hopes up that Microsoft has already tighten its certification security. Another hint is when I have gone to test for Exam 70-282 Designing, Deploying, and Managing a Network Solution for a Small- and Medium-Sized Business, the receptionist told me that only a few ever pass the 70-282 and they are also questioning exam takers that do exams in minutes!

So here are some links on the MCP sites that you may want to be interested if you are planing (like me) to take up an exam this year.

Microsoft Certifications Overview

Updated: December 22, 2008


Certification Security and Integrity in the News

Published: December 3, 2008 


Microsoft Certification Security and Integrity

Updated: December 2, 2008


With this new year my goal is to reach MCPD enterprise, with the news that I saw, this would further benefit the credentials of MCP like me.

**Update I’m submitting a full article about this news on port 445 (the official publication of the Philippine Windows Users Group), hopefully be accepted and published.

Exam 70-282 Designing, Deploying, and Managing a Network Solution for a Small- and Medium-Sized Business

Sharing my preparation notes for passing the exam 70-282 which I took last December 19, 2008. If you are already a Microsoft Certified Partner, this is a credit towards a Related Program: Small Business Specialist


Aside from reviewing the Preparation Guide – Skills being measured section I found it also helpful on reviewing in-depth the ff:

SBS on technet : (Its the top of my list, it has a vast of  links and resources available there)

SBS 2003 (R2) Features: 

Its system requirements :

Active Directory on SBS :

I also found some support materials from the sbs technet blog:

SBS 2003 editions:

And if you are already a Microsoft Partner, you may visit SBSC 70-282 Exam Study Group with R2 Content and Practice Questions @ or @

I strongly suggest that you go thru everything on the last link ( for the 70-282 study group, it has gave me more heads up and made me more prepared for the questions that I had encountered at the actual exam.

We are now a Microsoft GOLD Certified Partner

As of December 20 2008, it is now confirmed! Solv Corporation has achieved the Gold level certification for Microsoft Partner Program!

We specialize in customized software development and IT staffing to meet the needs of the Information Technology industry. We are a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, whose employee’s are all Microsoft Certified Professionals. We specialize in .Net Framework, Microsoft Smart/Web Client & Web Services Factory Framework, Extensive SQL Server 2005 experience. Across the board, adheres to the Microsoft Solutions Framework Development Foundation. Our Business focus and Competencies  are:


Custom Development Solutions 

          • Application Infrastructure Development
          • Smart Client Development
          • Web Development

Mobility Solutions

Business Process and Integration Solutions

SOA and Business Process

Small Business Specialist


We have more info on our website or  just e-mail me at john.delizo[at]solvcorp[dot]com

MCPD – Web Developer

Its finally there! Its on the transcript! Yey!

Last October 29, I took the exam 70-547: and I got a passing score (phew!) Well that was really really hard!


My strategy for this exam is based on the preparation guide of the exam it self, so quoting Microsoft Learning:

Candidates should have worked in the following phases of the application life cycle:

  • Technical envisioning and planning
  • Design and development
  • Stabilizing and releasing

If you are taking this soon, I would suggest that you focus on these topics:

  • Exception handling
  • SQL and Data Topics
  • Authorization and Impersonation
  • The usual master page and theme questions
  • Validator controls
  • Testing and Deployment


Thanks also to my Boss 😛 for getting us this wonderful reference books from Microsoft Press! This book is still available at

MCTS : Net Framework 2.0 – Web Applications

Uhuh, After months and months of practice and reviews!

Sharing my strategy on this leg of exams, I first took the exam 70-528 : Microsoft® .NET Framework 2.0 – Web-based Client Development last May 12, 2008 and roughly two months later I was ready to take on exam 70-536 : Microsoft® .NET Framework 2.0 – Application Development Foundation (July 07, 2008). I took 528 first because I am really a Web Guy 😀 and my first ever MCP exam is exam 70-305 Developing and Implementing Web Applications with Microsoft® Visual Basic® .NET and Microsoft® Visual Studio® .NET which I took February 27, 2008.

Certification exam titles are a mouthful huh?  Yeah! You even have to pass both 528 and 536 exam to have the MCTS certification. Depending on your strategy on how you would schedule the two exam, you may opt to take 528 first then the 536 or the other way around. You may just have to focus on the topics and what I did was structure the topics where-in overlapping topics as much as possible be reviewed once then the specifics should be on the initial and final review.

Thanks to my boss (again) for buying the Microsoft Press books in amazon 😀 Thanks thanks!

Not just for this exam but also for reference. Its like having a specific MSDN topic on my bookshelf 😀