no {frills}

Thanks for attending the Philippine {heroes} community launch event last June 7, 2008 at Microsoft Philippines.



Here are some of the links that I have used on my presentation for this event:

Windows Server 2008 Management :

PowerShell FAQ:

MSDN Powershell blog :

PowerShell Remoting Home on Codeplex :

IIS administration thru PowerShell :

PowerShell For Fun for more sample scripts and How-Tos:

Windows PowerShell 1.0 Installation Package for Windows Vista :


Again, thanks for attending! I’ll see ya again on other events!

Heroes Happen Here – SMX Convention Center

A very exiting day for me and for the Philippine Windows User Group during the Manila Heroes Happen {Here} Launch event last April 10, 2008 at the SMX convention center.



PowerShell {get-command}






The passionate souls – Phiwug HHH Launch team, thanks guys (and gals)!