Thank You SPCBA!

So Me and Faelmar did another talk to a university but this time in Laguna. SPCBA or San Pedro College of Business Administration have invited us to talk about current practice in the industry, what else to talk about but Windows and Windows Server! Mainly because our audience are from the College of Computer Studies’ BS COE or Computer Engineering.

So here are some photos to the event. First of, Me. On RDP, where else. Talking about how to install Windows! How hard can it be, eh?


And then Faelmar on the Windows 10 and installing it to a USB stick.


More Photos:

This day is great, great connecting to the past and the future. To a coincidence, I met my college instructor and I met new upcoming professionals.







And also to the Graduating class of 2015, good luck, and we will see each other in the field!


Thank you Cavite State University!

Last August 16 PHINUG just did a Seminar on Cloud Computing at Cavite State University ( where we talked about .NET, IIS, Azure and Welcoming these students to their chosen career in IT.

This is a full house event from different MVPs. Here is C# MVP Jon Limjap and he talked about .NET.

IIS / ASP.NET MVP Allan Mangune on his presentation.

Of course its all SQL from our very own SQL MVP Toto Gamboa.

Windows Azure by MVP Eduardo Lorenzo.

Me on IIS and deployment of .NET based web applications.

MVP Edison Go Tan on Windows Phone.

After the event is the Philippine MVPs mandatory fishing in an artificial lake. You know, geeks. Might as well fish in a bucket haha.

Had a blast, hope we can do this again!

– Photo credits from Jon Limjap and other CSU Students.

July 2014 MSDN Session – Thank you everyone for attending!

We are all there! All 120+ of us and we had a blast!

Jon and the rest of PHINUG really did it this time. Filled the entire Visayas and Mindanao Rooms at Microsoft Philippines last July 31.

To start of, F# by Ben Hunter. Here is his share of the PPTX and other links for F#.

MVP Toto Gamboa’s “Magic” on SQL Server had just stun the audience. This is what it is about on database performance. 

My turn on deploying .NET applications on IIS.

By this time, I am now running 6VM’s all has IIS on Windows Server 2012 R2 with ARR and 3 of them on NLB.

To cap off, before we head off somewhere – a picture of the MVP’s in the event. From left, ASP.NET/IIS MVP Patrick Oliveros, C# MVP Jon Limjap, F# MVP Ben Hunter, Windows Platform Development MVP Michael Sync, Me and SQL MVP Toto Gamboa!

Thanks to all attendees! See you on the next events.

Complete Album is here: courtesy of Jon and PHINUG 🙂

July 2014 MSDN Session

For this MSDN Session we’ll get off the beaten track and discuss some functional programming, SQL Server and IIS goodies!

For this month we’ll have:

Bryan Ashcraft, coming all the way from Nashville, TN, will be talking about Functional programming: A jump start for C# devs Bryan is the CTO of Firefly Logic and a cheerleader at NashFP (Nashville Functional Programmers). He is a Microsoft MVP in F# and a well-known figure in the Erlang community. Bryan has a long obsession with both Lean and functional programming.

Toto Gamboa, Microsoft MVP for SQL Server who will present a SQL Server Memory Utilization Primer for Devs, and demystify SQL Server’s internal workings vis-a-vis that all important resource: memory.

John D. Delizo (ME) MVP for Software Packaging Deployment and Servicing and Director/CTO of VFTS.NET, will talk about IIS Deployment Scenarios for ASP.NET, which is loaded with tons of info about Application Request Routing, Network Load Balancing, MS Deploy, etc.

The event will be held on July 31, 2014, 6:30 PM, at the Visayas and Mindanao Rooms, Microsoft Philippines, 8th Floor, 6750 Ayala Ave., Makati. Food and drinks will be served at the event.

Please register via the link below:

February 2014 MSDN Session

So Me and my team headed out to attend PHINUG’s MSDN Session last February 27, 2014, also to meet other MVP’s and ofcourse friends. Its just so happen they wanted to start early and MVP Jon Limjap volunteered (more like surprised) me to do the first session.

So I took the opportunity to talk about how PHIWUG is now using Visual Studio TFS online and Windows Azure to host its new Forum.

This is MVP Allan Mangune talking about data access, with Stored Procs, Entity Framework and In-line SQL that started as a Facebook post 🙂

Thank you PHINUG for inviting and the surprise / impromptu talk! Lets do this again.. 

Thank you Manila Central University!

Our stay is a blast at MCU’s with their graduating students for Bachelor of Science in Information Technology last Feb 27, 2014. We had a lot of fun doing this event – Go Purples!


So Me and Faelmar Tanada went to Manila’s most central university to talk about I.T. in the field for these graduating students and also to invite them to join to our IT Community.


Me giving demo on Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) and how we “Install” software in an enterprise environment.


Faelmar’s turn on his Windows 8 ToGo.


This became more of a session rather than an event, questions were flying left and right!


So please join us in our Forums and our Facebook Group.


Compiled album is here:


Again, thanks MCU!


Deploy Exchange 2013 and Windows Server 2012! The event!


So first thank you Philippine Windows Users Group and Microsoft Philippines for giving us the opportunity to push this event. Nice to see how PHIWUG, even before to have a lot of reach. From students and to my fellow IT Professionals!

So here we discussed WHAT is really that EXCHANGE Sever, why is it widely used to most of the big corporations and umm Us! Haha My company has Exchange and loving every minute of it!


Didn’t had too much pictures this time and a selfie wouldn’t hurt plus the audienceis very cool so I took our shot!



Thanks guys! See you on our next event!