PHIWUG is cooking something for October!



One night, these enterprise administrators, NOC engineers and support specialists got together (thank you Microsoft Philippines Office for the venue) to talk about everything Windows Servers, especially the new version being released just around the corner, oh and to prepare something for October. 

So our members are building up the chatter even the famous Faelmar and Rence is present this time! Would also like to welcome Ren and Ritchie on the core group. MVP Milo is there as well and thank you to the picture taker a ninja MVP (whose identity cannot be mentioned because he is supposed to be virtually at work at that meeting)S


Stay tuned, PHIWUG is really doing something big this October!


Embedding Website videos on PowerPoint 2010

Tomorrow I’ll be having this seminar and I wanted to show them some videos but  I do not want to do the alt+tab thingy between the video and the presentation. Plus I want to embed the video with the PowerPoint animation while the video is in YouTube!. With PowerPoint 2010, you can actually do this with some easy steps.

First is go to your video in YouTube, then click the embed button. This would show you some HTML markups, highlight em all then right click, then copy.







And then go to your presentation then click the INSERT tab.

Find the Video button, and click the small downward arrow for more options then choose Video from Website.

A dialog window will appear and just paste the HTML code from the YouTube site and then click Insert!

There you have it! an embedded YouTube video on your PowerPoint presentation:

PS. You may want to tweak it a lil bit for the animations. Cheers!!

Office2010 : Speak! (Text to Speech)

I remembered before about this contest on Office 2010: and I was going to post an entry (being the geek + office ninja me) and I guess this can help anybody for their productivity, so let me just share it! Its the Text to Speech functionality of Office 2010, before what I use way back in 2007 is just Excel’s Speak Cell. But that’s kinda wierd when somebody walks besides your cube and see an excel worksheet open being scrolled automatically. In 2003, you cant use your computer while excel is reading, if you do click something, the excel stops reading. But in 2010, whoa, even Word has it (well, i don’t know if it’s already in there, but I can’t seem to find it).

In 2010, you can find it thru File then Options.

Then on Word Options window, Click Quick Access Toolbar and Choose commands from: All Commands.

Scroll down and find SPEAK. What I do is hold down “S” then let it scroll. Choose Speak then Click the “Add >>” Button. Click OK.

So on your Word document, just highlight the text that you want the PC to read and then press Speak at your Quick Command at the top left corner of the toolbars.

Go ahead give it a try 🙂