Meet up with new PHIWUG officers @ Bubba Gump, Greenbelt 3

The new set of officers of Philippine Windows Users Group and the guys from Microsoft  Philippines met at Bubba Gump last September 04, 2009 for some chips, drinks, Windows topics and some planning for this year.

(From Left) There’s Ralph, Liezl, Pauvi from Microsoft. On the right, its (me) John, Bong (Faelmar), Jeo, Chris and our webmaster Felix.


Thanks guys for inviting me on our meet up. This will be one exciting year! Thanks Guys and See ya at all of our events!


We are at TechNet Flash Philippines!

I just opened my personal email today and was thrilled to see that PHIWUG is again at TechNet Flash!

For issue 24 (July 9, 2009) we are at the blog post of the month. It features the PHIWUG blogs and its very recent and big event : Power Up! The Philippine Windows 7 RC LoadFest! that happened last June 20 at Microsoft Philippines.


Blog post of the month

Power Up! The Philippine Windows 7 RC LoadFest!
Thanks to all who turned up at the Windows 7 RC load fest in June 2009 organized by the Philippine Windows Users Group in Microsoft Philippines. Read more…
WDS: played a big role at W7 Loadfest
Discover how Windows Deployment Services was used during the PowerUp! Windows 7 Loadfest. Read more…



Windows 7 Load Fest: The initial PHIWUG Meeting

We are getting ready for the Philippine Windows 7 Load Fest a one day event that will be organized and delivered by the Philippine Windows Users Group (PHIWUG).


This is just the meeting but we have more volunteers from PHIWUG.

Join a fun-filled afternoon with the Philippine Windows Users Group as they share their knowledge and experience of Windows 7. Experience, witness and realize the potential of Windows 7 through hands-on-labs and actually having it installed in your own machine

Register Here:

See ya all on June 20!

PHIWUG Monthly Meeting – March 2009

The Philippine Windows Users Group has just had its Monthly meeting and for March 2009 we had a chance to talk with the GUYS and what can I say more, this would be a busy but exiting month for PHIWUG, there would be alot of community activities and TechNet sessions such as Interoperability of Windows Server 2008 and a tech talk on Windows Server 2008 / Windows 7 Security. I hope this all push thru, including the Windows 7 day install fest day. And We need to update our website!

Also there now 2 mythological things that PHIWUG has formulated, aside from the demo gods, Windows 7 has a spirit that seemingly and magically heals it self 😀 (The story goes that an application launched on W7, it did not worked on the 4th time it did without any of us configuring or even re-installing it, we will demystify this, right Faelmar?)

Hey guys thanks for the Burger moments at burger king in Glorieta 3, see ya all in our planned events!