How to apply license on SCOM 2016(fwlink 74446)

Today I had a chance to revisit my SCOM Lab. But after booting everything, I noticed that even if all services are running including SQL and SCOM, the Ops Manager console throws an error on connecting.

TL;DR; My trial license is expired. Use Powershell to apply license:

  • Import-Module OperationsManager
  • Set-SCOMLicense –ProductId “<YOUR PRODUCT KEY>”
  • Restart-Service OMSSDK
  • New-SCOMManagementGroupConnection
  • Get-SCOMManagementGroup | Format-List –Property SkuForProduct, SkuForLicense, Version, Name, TimeOfExpiration

Long story, so will I reinstall today? So normal troubleshooting after seeing the error, restarting the services including SQL Server and nope, no joy there.

Going back to the console, thankfully there is a stack trace there. So lets read thru the errors, mostly access denied exception but there was the ex.message.toString there. So we have hopes here.

It seems that there was an access denied exception but the inner message is saying “You have exceeded the evaluation period of this product. Please upgrade to the retail version to continue using the product” Aha! I followed the link and it seems that it only redirects to a generic product page. Still no joy.


There are a few TechNet and Support articles out there, but there’s one problem. License IS expired already.

Problem is we cant connect to the management group, because, yes we have an exception. Yikes.


I think the article is a little off, since applying SCOM licenses are thru registry access so it shouldn’t require any connection.

So first, run PowerShell as an administrator on the server where SCOM is installed.

Apply the license key that you have for retail. (See TLDR section for Copy-Paste PS> commands)

Also remember also to restart the System Center Data Access Service after applying the license. Included in TLDR.


Try out the new connection and try and poke the management group and get the license details.

Then try and connect using the Console. Yes its working, but my apps are not.


So there ya go, and I’m back to my DevOps management group. I’m trying out the new MP for .NET APM with Application Insights. This is going to be fun. Well after we fix DB01. Should blog about it later.


SCOM: The Data Access service is either not running or not yet initialized.

Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.Common.ServiceNotRunningException: The Data Access service is either not running or not yet initialized. Check the event log for more information. —> System.ServiceModel.EndpointNotFoundException: Could not connect to net.tcp:// The connection attempt lasted for a time span of 00:00:02.0029072. TCP error code 10061: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it XX.XX.1.10:5724.  —> System.Net.Sockets.SocketException: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it



So, I got an error today on my SCOM lab. It seems some service are failing on start-up. Its been a long while since I touched SCOM and right now I wanted to “get back in the horse” since I will be doing a lot of monitoring for a new project. Might as well go back to System Center.


This time its fairly easy, error says the connection “Actively refused”. Basically as a developer myself, I am just going to say that the endpoint is down or is in faulted state.

I checked IIS if SCOM uses any WCF endpoint and it struck me, its TCP. Duh. Maybe its a self hosted WCF service and is running as a “Service”. Low and behold, there are a couple System Center services that are not running but its on “automatic” which is weird.


Started both service and viola! I can go back to my console.


Now back to my lab. Cheers!