Windows 8.1 with AMD Eyefinity Multi Monitor Setup on a newer custom build.


Still the Semi-Official Statement: I needed more power for work, especially the game that’s coming out and ofcourse the landscape to work on. Smile

Its still an AMD build. So, I will be re-using a lot of parts that I have on the current build, I am upgrading soon but for now, here is the setup:


Mother Board: Gigabyte GA-0970A-DS3P this supports the AM3+ for my new FX processor and it has a lot of good reviews and has local support. This is also bang for the buck, not that expensive. This would house all of my new stuffs so I picked the one with the Ultra Durable badge Smile

Processors: AMD FX 8320 which is at 3.5 to 4.0 GHZ, I havent done anything with this, everything is plug and play for now. Oh by the way, it has 8 cores.

Memory: Kingston Hyper-X Fury I got a Dual Channel, DDR3 on 2pcs x 8GB. Nothing much, just 16GB of RAM for Unity and Visual Studio and stuffs.

Video/Graphics Card: I am reusing by Sapphire 7950 3GB GDDR5. This supports the 4 Monitors. I blogged how its done here.

Hard Drives: For the operating system, I am using a Crucial M500 SSD and it boots Windows 8.1 in 10 seconds.  I have one Western Digital and a Seagate SATA hard drives as slaves. SSD is not cheap enough these days, I only got a 128GB and I had to install most of my other applications in the WD and Seagate. But man, Visual Studio is fast on an SSD.

Casing: I am still using the old Cougar Evolution from my old build. Its really nice that they have built-in cable management and you can hide the cables at the back of the case. It also has fan control, since I am using this rig, it would be hot and cooling is my next upgrade so stay tuned.


Standing up, its high enough to have air circulation, pig with fur for scale. Sorry, no banana, he ate it. Its my dog, floppy. He is always there, fur everywhere. So I have put some stockings in the fan so that dust and fur would not go inside the casing.


A closer look inside. Fans are big but Gigabyte has still space for Crossfire! (my 4th and final update, if le wife permits)


We have a blue-violet thing going on the LED. These helps if you want to look inside the casing and the fans are spinning on top are exhausts. And its kinda cool to look at Smile


Performance: Using this rig, we can test if finally we can set all games in Ultra. applications for work use more power.

These sceenshots are done on a default / stock mode, without any OC.


Using AMD OverDrive: 11954


8 Cores are still not doing anything Smile 






Finally, Warhammer 40K series! Set on Ultra settings, while raining on the Angel gates where there are 100+ spawns and still not lagging.


So until the next upgrade!

AMD Eyefinity Multi Monitor Setup on Windows 8.1 now with 4 Screens

Still the Semi-Official Statement: I need more landscape to work on! I really do not know how much I can get away with saying this is really for work. I blogged about having 3 monitors with AMD Eyefinity here: as you can see, its not just extending your display but the three monitors would act as a single screen – perfect for very long code base, reviewing graphics, etc.

Now comes the time when I say, I needed another monitor. So lets upgrade everything :).

Before we have 3 Samsung monitors:


Now we have 4 Dell Monitors at 1680×1050 on portrait:

Better for reading tons of code (on sample is the new Facebook Template of ASP.NET MVC)




So I am still using a Sapphire HD 7950 but I just added another Active DVI Adapter and these additional 2 display adapters are from different vendors.

In total I have this Setup:

HD 7950  |

               |—————————————— DVI — Monitor 1

               |— Active Mini DP ——————– DVI — Monitor 2

               |— Active Mini DP ——————– DVI — Monitor 3

               |— HDMI —– HDMI-To-DVI-Converter — Monitor 4


My video card is now maxed out and for me to add more monitors, I have to get another GPU so that’s for another story. Meanwhile, here are some links that I wanted to share. These gave me the info I needed to start canvassing the costs for the monitors and if my card would support up till how many monitors etc.

Aside from reading those FAQ, that’s it – it’s all I needed to know how on how to setup this rig, very easy though: You get the right card, install driver, connect Monitor and extend! Monitors are identified by default, the graphics card has a default driver so that you can setup the official driver from AMD. Who ever is programming these settings in Windows, you are doing a great job.

So that’s it, I’m off to Steam! I mean! Ehem.

Basic Scripting for Hyper-V with PowerShell (Create and Manage VHD and VM)

Quick entry. So I need to do a lab for a client and I need to recreate a lab for them. They asked, how did you do it? They further said its really tiring going to UI route creating differencing disks and VM (That’s why!). So I told them I just to use PowerShell. This is being done on My Windows 8 Desktop with Hyper-V installed.


Command is

New-VHD -ParentPath "<path>.vhdx" -Path "<path>.vhdx"


How about VM?

Note: Just make sure you run as an administrator!

New-VM -Name "<name>" –MemoryStartupBytes <int>GB -SwitchName "<Switch Name>" –Path "<Where you want to save>" –VHDPath “<Path\VHD.vhdx>”


As you can see, you do not have the parameter to configure how many virtual cores to be assigned to this VM. You do this:

Set-VMProcessor “<name>” –Count <int>


This is also true for Dynamic Memory:

Set-VMMemory <VM Name> -DynamicMemoryEnabled $true



All info of  these are available at TechNet (Hyper-V Cmdlets in Windows PowerShell):

Windows 8 and Office 2013 Deployment Session

Hi everyone! Thank you for attending our deployment session. Hope you had fun and it was very informative for you to start considering these kinds of deployment.

These guys are checking out our demo rig with AMD Phenom II and an overclocked Saphire 7900 🙂 next time we will be using new servers so stay tuned!

Our Office 2013 customization tool! (Sorry no shot, was busy giving demo lol)

Here’s the completed installation of a customized Office 2013.

Here’s a snip of our MDT session. Will post links below!

Session is full! Thanks guys, even tho the competitor is at nextdoor Shangri-la 🙂 But, they cant virtualize like we did! hahaha!

Hyper-V running on my Windows 8 desktop!


Congrats to those who won PHIWUG shirts and thank you to Microsoft Philippines for the Venue as well as the featured give-away that night – a very sought after Microsoft Mouse 😛

Dining is also full!

Photos are in our Facebook Page: 

Also please dont forget to join us:


Again thanks for attending and heres the links of the softwares that we used:

MDT 2012 Update 1 :


WDS on WS2012:

Office 2013 ProPlus Evaluation:

Office 2013 Customization tool:

files necessary to run the Office Customization Tool were not found. Run Setup from the installation point of a qualifying product


I have deployed office before, but is there something that I am missing? Is it because of the smell of the pizzas being cooked downstairs?

This KB (951339) : is not very useful. I got to make this work! And now.

So I remember this thing by PHIWUG MVP’s post on our facebook page:

Lets go back to the TechNet article, Office Customization Tool (OCT) in Office 2013.

The OCT is available only with volume licensed versions of Windows Installer-based Office 2013, Office 2010, and the 2007 Office system. To determine whether an Office 2013 installation is a volume licensed version, check the Office 2013 installation disk to see whether it contains a folder named Admin. If the Admin folder exists, the disk is a volume license edition. If the Admin folder does not exist, the disk is a retail edition.


Somebody is sleepy and downloaded the wrong ISO.


So I searched the internet and found this":


The OCT files are located in the Admin folder under the x86 (32-bit) and x64 (64-bit) folders, respectively. Download the appropriate file depending on whether you have 32-bit or 64-bit Office installed. Copy the entire \Admin folder into the folder that contains the installation image you are customizing.


Download the installer, then run.


Choose a destination directory (like unzipping) and then copy the admin folder to the office install folder.


Run Setup.exe /admin again and… tadahhhh..


Now, back to my deployment lab! Cheers!

AMD EyeFinity Multi-Monitor Setup For Windows 8

My Semi-Official Statement: I needed more landscape in my desktop, two monitors is not enough for my use anymore. To demo also, instead of brining three PC’s, I needed to consolidate my labs into one machine. Plus having more monitors gives me the ability to review documents side by side in full screen not to mention the other window for monitoring activities. I will use more monitors to have a more visual view of my projects and all. I would mumble on and on and on and on on why I NEED more monitors but for my personal use, a kickass rig for all my games, not to mention a really nice Windows 8 interface for Demos 🙂

So having the “Problem” statement here’s how I did it:

I have here an AMD Phenom II X4 955 Procecssor with 3.12 GHZ and 8GB of RAM, so of course I needed to use a x64 Version of Windows 8. 



The reason having to have this rig is more power, I needed that for something cooler later.

I searched over the internet on how to have 3 or more monitors and it seems that Windows without any high-end Graphic card natively supports up to 2 monitors only. I tested it and it seems that is the case.

What I got is a Sapphire HD 7950 that has the AMD Eyefinity 2.0 technology.


I said earlier that I needed a third monitor, so I got another attachment called a AMD Active Mini Display Port (note not Passive but Active). See this list for details 


Oh and I am a fan of Samsung, I use Samsung monitors and TV’s all over the house and for my set-up I am using SyncMaster 940 BW’s. These are very old models, but I had two of them for years (tough monitors) and I just found another one over our local ebay-like forums. Now lets install them.


So what are the possibilities with three monitors with AMD. I basically use two things here. The native Windows Control Panel – Screen Resolution (Control Panel\Appearance and Personalization\Display\Screen Resolution) or the AMD Vision Engine Control Center


When you use the native screen resolution, it gives you the usual extended desktop and as you can see the third monitor is now detected and being used. However if you use the Control Center, imageit gives you the ability to combine your three desktops into one. This is Eyefinity. Because Eyefinity combines your desktop, the snap and maximize behavior would be the default of Windows, because three monitors are treated as one. To have that behavior back, we turn into another tool in AMD called the Hydra Grid. If you install the proper drivers and softwares from the graphic card manufacturer, HydraGrid is installed as well. This lets you edit a grid in your desktops where your apps and windows can snap to.

Okay, now time to use this awesome machine! Time to launch WarHammer: Dawn Of War II! be productive!

If you are interested there are some sample clips on YouTube.

PHIWUG Windows 8 Consumer Preview Load Fest!

Thank you for attending the PHIWUG Windows 8 Consumer Preview Load Fest last March 03, 2012 at the very New Microsoft Office @ the 8th floor of 6750 Bldg, Ayala Ave, Makati! This is really Legen….. Wait for it.. dary!


With more than 300 attendees attended this event, this is really cool!




Thanks also to Alvin from DPE here in Philippines for their usual support and for the venue. PHIWUG is the first one that has ever used this new event venue of MS PH, so thanks MS!

This is Alvin on his keynote and welcome


At the start of the event, Standing room only.



This guy (me) did the Overview and Introduction on Windows 8.


This is a Load Fest, so in the middle of the sessions and Q & A portions we had event attendees remote installing their laptops with Windows 8 Consumer Preview. We also had a contest on the “Fastest Install time” 🙂 We let them approach our booth in the front and install away!


As you can see, this is done thru Windows Deployment Services or WDS and there is one more twist, all servers that have been used on this event is loaded with Windows Server 8 Beta! The next blog entry is how to setup these babies 🙂


For the next session, it is our UI / Windows touch / WP expert Chris Misola for the Metro UI Experience and Windows 8 Features. Its really a cool demo Chris, seeing the tablet on the projector!


Also many thanks to Tim also from Microsoft PH DPE for hosting one Q & A portion, well we ask questions and if the attendees has answers, they win a prize.


Microsoft PH also provided overflowing T-shirts, USB disks and even the epic recycle bin as prizes and giveaways.



Typical Pinoy! Miryenda, Tanghalian, Miryenda! (Morning snack, LUNCH, Afternoon snack!)


Next Session is by our Microsoft MVP for Games for Windows, Adrian Rodriguez who had a demo on what to expect with Windows 8, game installation, compatibility, review and of course, Graphics Demo!


More load fest contestant, this is number 48 one of the fastest laptop entry.


Next topic is done by Terrence Montanes, on Running Windows 8 on USB’s – Windows To Go!

One of the coolest and hottest topic in the floor that day, even on the Q&A Sessions.


Next in line is Mark Gutierrez, one of our most active PHIWUG member on events. He is now speaking about the Windows 8 Consumer preview technical details from hardware requirements to support for ARM. 



For the last session of the day, it’s the Technical Preview of the Windows Server 8 Beta. On screen is the new Server Manager and RSAT installed on a Windows 8 Consumer Preview client. And yeah, we really need to do a blog post about WDS, there are a lot of questions about it when it was discussed as a finale here and it echoes even on Facebook so stay tuned for that!


Congratulations to the Winner of the Microsoft LifeCam for the fastest install of the Consumer Preview, 8 Minutes and 9 Seconds! Lenovo, Core i7 ehem ehem!

So again, to everyone that planned, organized, facilitated and spoke on this event thank you. Adrian (MVP), Terrence, Chris, Anton, Mark, Alvin (MS), Tim (MS), Gen (MS), Eufer (MVP), Jeff and all those who attended that made this event legendary, thank you!



Full album is here:


Until our next event!