“more” – a CMD command that has been remembered and should not be forgotten

Today is one of those days when I remember the good old days that we did great things even without a mouse, just the hard keyboard and the black terminal, I was trained to configure SNMP, MRTG, <you name it>, with just that. For some reason mouse does not work today, if I do plug any mouse HP KVM goes ballistic. So this afternoon I was stuck in configuring a network adapter thru cmd or the command line. Not hard actually but if you do “IPCONFIG /ALL” on Windows Server 2008 R2 to check, the output will be a looooong list of adapters, as seen in the this screenshot: that’s Adapter # 22 and another isatap. 

Without a mouse, this will be impossible to read, for one it would scroll too fast for the eye – another is that you can’t scroll up. But there’s a way a combination of piping and the more command. A little review for the “younger” admins nowadays.

Piping or | – reads the output from one command and writes it to the input of another command. For redirection commands, you can read thru here: http://www.microsoft.com/resources/documentation/windows/xp/all/proddocs/en-us/redirection.mspx?mfr=true

More command – which displays one screen of output at a time. Read thru here: http://www.microsoft.com/resources/documentation/windows/xp/all/proddocs/en-us/more.mspx?mfr=true

This is some of the lessons I got from Mr. D. P. Nava (Hello sir Darth!), is to redirect the output of one command, thru piping, to another command. Then we now get creative, this time, our first command outputs this long strings and redirect (pipe) those output to a command that makes the output only show line per line (more).

To do this, here is a screen capture:

so thats <Command1> <pipe/redirect> <Command2>

or in this particular scenario ipconfig /all | more

Hitting return creates this output:

As you may have noticed, even if the output of the command IPCONFIG /ALL is really long, but it stopped to a point where it can only be displayed by the CMD prompt. To scroll down one line down hit enter again. Hitting SPACE scrolls it to a whole page. Pressing “Q”  quits the more command will return you to your usual CMD prompt.

More command is not just for displaying output of another command, you can use this to read text files etc. The syntax now is More <FileName>. Example:

this has the output of:

Same keyboard shortcuts applies.

Check out the in command help from more by giving it a /? switch

It’s really nice remembering these things when you needed them most!


Server Administration 101 and Microsoft Certification coaching session with A.M.A Pasig Campus

Just finished a Seminar with AMA Computer University Pasig Campus just today and it was fun with the students. Good luck guys on your first MCP certification, hope you had picked up more than a thing or two on our discussions.

Thanks again guys and girls, regards!



Embedding Website videos on PowerPoint 2010

Tomorrow I’ll be having this seminar and I wanted to show them some videos but  I do not want to do the alt+tab thingy between the video and the presentation. Plus I want to embed the video with the PowerPoint animation while the video is in YouTube!. With PowerPoint 2010, you can actually do this with some easy steps.

First is go to your video in YouTube, then click the embed button. This would show you some HTML markups, highlight em all then right click, then copy.







And then go to your presentation then click the INSERT tab.

Find the Video button, and click the small downward arrow for more options then choose Video from Website.

A dialog window will appear and just paste the HTML code from the YouTube site and then click Insert!

There you have it! an embedded YouTube video on your PowerPoint presentation:

PS. You may want to tweak it a lil bit for the animations. Cheers!!

Windows 7 Deployment Deep Dive with Jay Paloma

Guess who is in town? Its the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for Enterprise Security and PHIWUG’s very own, Jay Paloma – Sharing his field tech notes from right from Singapore : Windows 7 Deployment Deep-Dive. Here he discussed no-BS, no-marketing, full tech stuffs about deploying Windows 7.

Since PHIWUG is sponsoring this event, we would like to thank Jay for stopping by from his VERY (an understatement) BUSY schedule for this event and to the folks that attended. Hope you guys had enjoyed the deployment-geek talk as much as I did. Again, thanks!