How I met your mother’s operating system. #ThankyouXP!

by xp

Kids, I’m gonna tell you an incredible story ; the story of how I met your mother’s Operating System. Once upon a time before I was doing something else. Get popcorn, this is gonna take a while.

Yea, it was ages ago the first time I saw you XP, you are just a desktop to me. We used to manage these routers and you run putty for me as well. Oh the games are awesome since you arrived, DirectX was a hit at that time.

Then I met your “Professional” side, installed my first IIS to implement my very first web based portal for a biometrics scanner. We installed a handful of these that was used by two telecom, schools and well our own small company.

We met again and you were joined to a domain. My very first encounter of the Active Directory, my first Remote Desktop and NETSH.

Oh AD on Windows 2003 we battled together, you fought diligently. We apply policies like there IS a tomorrow for we need to manage and control our infrastructure. I had to leave you to another IT fellow, your new companion as I need to go on another adventure. I heard a few years before that you suffered a major health condition, I rushed back to you but it was almost too late. We needed to take your hard disk and RAM out, we tried to revive you with our last known configuration to the hope that you still remember everything. To our sadness, we only saved the last month’s backup of what you remember. It was not the same after that.

DCPROMO, for a production to create more new “You”. A new forests, new domains. I spawned countless of you, for multiple lands. They liked you and XP there. They liked you for 10+ years. Even if there are new versions of you, we still hang on to you. Updated you regularly, Remember SP2 with the pop-up blocker on IE? 🙂

We did our goodbyes long before the newest generation of OS has arrived, but after a few days it is certain that we cannot run in production anymore. It will be official that you are now a retired soldier, for that so long and Thank You XP!