Have you seen the TechNet Flash Philippines for this Month?

If you have not, please check out an amazing article by Dindo Fernando of Microsoft Philippines on how he explains “Cloud Computing”:

buy a car –> traditional/on-premise technology;

rent a car –> cloud computing

Pretty neat huh?

Also please do check out the MVP Highlights:


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Building and Deploying Windows 7 Image for a Standard Operating Environment with MVP Jay-R Barrios and @MSPINOY





First thank you so much for Jay-R for accepting our invite for this one-of-a-kind session, sharing his real life experience on these technology – a person that who REALLY dunn it!

And for Jeff Encomienda, our fearless co-co-ordinator for this event. Hey Jeff! We had planned a really huge number of sessions, even waaay back in PHIWUG, so lets plan yours now! (Do I hear DUET again 😛 ) Thanks Jeff, till next event!


If I would not know better, these guys are planning a big event (Sorry guys for the spoiler LOL haha)



Jeff giving an introduction and invitation to MSPINOY whom hosted this event. Thanks MSPINOY, we hope to bring more technical topics!

This picture reminds me of MVP’s that are produce of PHIWUG (Isamu, Chester, Jay-R and me in a picture below)


From left: MVP Eufer Passion, MVP Eduardo Lorenzo, MVP Isamu Shinozaki, MVP John Delizo, MVP Patrick Oliveros, MVP Chester Coronel, Alezandra Nicolas, MVP Jay-R Barrios and MVP Allan Magune.

Ahhhhh! heres my favorite shot of the night with the rest of the MVP again and Zandra! 😛