Philippine Software Industry Association– Expanded Instructors Training

This is a long overdue thank you post to the Philippine Software Industry Association for having me as their instructor for two weeks (courtesy of TaughtWorks and Microsoft Philippines) in their College Teachers Training (Expanded Learning on Information Technology Services – ELITES) this May 2012.

For two weeks we had a boot camp style training from “null” to “Metro” .

The first week is all about basics – all about development under Visual Studio 2012 and of course our language of choice is C# + ASP.NET MVC! (We love MVC! WOoohhooO!) and of course how to teach these to their students.

The second week is all about Agile development using Visual Studio 2012, how to take advantage of its features during software development and how to make their students aware that after college they will encounter these advanced toolsets.

For the finale, its all Metro and Windows 8. Here we used Windows 8 and Visual Studio 2012 to create Windows 8 apps. Because we also know how to use TFS 2012, we had a very integrated development environment here, running also continuous integration and build running on Windows Server 2012.

I must say, great apps everyone great apps! Specially those course materials thing and the javascript only slot machine – that was cool!

So heres Alvin Gendrano, interviewing the participants on the apps that they created. Thanks Alvin for stopping by!


These are our Servers – All on Windows Server 2012 Beta.

Our Active Directory Domain Services, our TFS and our build server.

Team Foundation Server 2012 Beta with Automated Build Service Running on Windows Server 2012 Beta


Again, to Taughtworks, Microsoft Philippines, PSIA and to everyone who participated in this training – Thank you and hope to see you again in future trainings!



MCT Renewed for another year!

Just got the mail, I am renewed for another year! Woo! Quoting the MCT site: MCT certification requires an annual renewal. Each year, Microsoft Certified Trainers must complete an online application, pay an annual fee, and meet a number of program requirements to renew their certification for the coming year.



Why renew?

“Discover Tools, resources, and other benefits to help you thrive as both a technologist and an educator. The following MCT certification program benefits help you build, maintain, and prove your expertise on Microsoft products and technologies—and prepare for, teach, and support blended learning solutions.”

“As a Microsoft Certified Trainer, you gain access to the MCT member site, where you can download your MCT certificate and MCT program logos for use on your resume.”

Among other things check-out the program benefits here:

More info about MCT program here: