VIP Mix 2010 with the Microsoft Philippines Community

Thank you for all of the community members that attended our VIP MIX last Saturday (September 18, 2010)! Here are some of our event Photos and this just came out of one camera, I have seen more camera’s roaming around and I’ll try to request some copies from the other folks, this camera only covered some areas of the event.

MVP Warren’s session on Windows Phone

MVP Elczar Adame on SharePoint 2010 Administration

MVP John on Hyper-V Dynamic Memory

PHIWUG circle on our planning activity and “open forum”

Here are our PHIWUG attendees, the last one is VM, a virtual machine










PHINUG and PHISSUG on the other hand are more serious than us hehe









I wish I saw MVP Jon Limjap’s session (Automated Unit Testing with Silverlight for Windows Phone 7) and MVP Allan Magune’s famous Windows Phone 7 game, unfortunately they are on the concurrent session that I am having, I’m pretty sure its also a blast on the other door!

Again, thanks again for those who organized, participated and supported this event.


View the full album here:

By the way, I found this photo stream by MVP Jon Limjap:

and lastly, some of may want to view my deck, you can download it thru skydrive here: