AMD Eyefinity Multi Monitor Setup on Windows 8.1 now with 4 Screens

Still the Semi-Official Statement: I need more landscape to work on! I really do not know how much I can get away with saying this is really for work. I blogged about having 3 monitors with AMD Eyefinity here: as you can see, its not just extending your display but the three monitors would act as a single screen – perfect for very long code base, reviewing graphics, etc.

Now comes the time when I say, I needed another monitor. So lets upgrade everything :).

Before we have 3 Samsung monitors:


Now we have 4 Dell Monitors at 1680×1050 on portrait:

Better for reading tons of code (on sample is the new Facebook Template of ASP.NET MVC)




So I am still using a Sapphire HD 7950 but I just added another Active DVI Adapter and these additional 2 display adapters are from different vendors.

In total I have this Setup:

HD 7950  |

               |—————————————— DVI — Monitor 1

               |— Active Mini DP ——————– DVI — Monitor 2

               |— Active Mini DP ——————– DVI — Monitor 3

               |— HDMI —– HDMI-To-DVI-Converter — Monitor 4


My video card is now maxed out and for me to add more monitors, I have to get another GPU so that’s for another story. Meanwhile, here are some links that I wanted to share. These gave me the info I needed to start canvassing the costs for the monitors and if my card would support up till how many monitors etc.

Aside from reading those FAQ, that’s it – it’s all I needed to know how on how to setup this rig, very easy though: You get the right card, install driver, connect Monitor and extend! Monitors are identified by default, the graphics card has a default driver so that you can setup the official driver from AMD. Who ever is programming these settings in Windows, you are doing a great job.

So that’s it, I’m off to Steam! I mean! Ehem.